How to beat the odds…

If I have one weakness it is the compulsive reading of autobiographies about famous people. Last week I read the incredible (incredibly disturbing in parts) story of motercycle legend Jesse James, this week (in one afternoon) I read the amazing book by Michael Oher (The Blind Side) titled “I beat the odds.” As someone who […]

You already have a marketing team

If I were to ask any ED about what their top challenge is when running their organization, most of them would answer with “need more money/need to increase our visibility”. Where I do not question the validity of their response, I do question whether or not they are maximizing the most valuable resources they have […]

In A Challenge Do You Get Bitter Or Get Better?

If you’ve been in church any amount of time you’ve probably heard the famous story of foolish Nabal and wise Abigail from 1 Samuel 25. For those of us who need a refresher here is the scripture – it’s long but definitely worth it! Now Samuel died, and all the Israelites assembled and mourned for him, and […]

Becoming A “David” When You Feel Stuck In “Saul”

Samuel was distraught. After all the work he had put into helping Saul rise up to his position as leader of Israel, God had let Samuel know that He was going to be choosing a new leader after getting fed up with Saul’s disobedience. His mission was simple – to go anoint the replacement King as […]