How receptive are you to feedback?

When it comes to processing feedback, I believe there are primarily three types of people. Type #1 – Feedback Seekers These people know that they don’t know it all and intentionally develop a strategic team of advisers to help them achieve their goal.  They have no ego about asking for help and openly embrace wise […]

A Shift In Attitude

Are there parts of your job that you strongly dislike? Are there people in your organization you don’t necessarily like but work closely with on a regular basis? Do you dread completing certain tasks on your to-do list? This week I had an interesting experience. One of the projects I’m currently working on requires me […]

Where The Magic Happens

I’m fascinated by the leader vs manager debate. Because I spend a lot of time on Linkedin, I often find throughout all types of groups many people who ask “what is the difference between leadership and management?”. In these discussions you find a lot of answers like “the leader works on the business and the manager […]