Stop Changing the Plan

For a lot of nonprofit leaders, the reason they don’t ever feel like they’re accomplishing their goals is because they constantly change their strategy mid-execution. If strategy fulfilment is represented by A – Z, many leaders stop at “G” because they came up with a “newer, flashier” strategy. I’m not saying that if an organization is working […]

Captain Jack and 20 years of failure

On the plane ride down to Orlando recently I was watching the Larry King show where he interviewed Johnny Depp.  After some basic questions, Larry began asking him some more personal questions about Depp’s rise to success as an actor. Because I didn’t know a lot about his story, I was surprised to find out […]

Statistically 90% of your managers are ineffective

A post I recently read by Margaret Heffernan titled “Most Managers are Ineffective”  stated the following:  “Only about 10 percent of the managers took purposeful action.” The rest were busy, just not very effective: 40 percent were energetic but unfocused; 30 percent had low energy, little focus and tended to procrastinate; and 10% were focused, but not very […]

3 Keys to Diffusing and Angry Teammate

You’ve all been there…in a conversation with one of your leaders discussing plans for the organization’s future and it feels like you’re just not connecting with each other. You explain their role in the new plan, they physically and emotionally withdraw giving you one word angry answers. It’s awkward – it’s frustrating, you’re both annoyed […]

How to share responsibility for strategy

To successfully carry out a strategy, you cannot be the only one who knows the plan. Many nonprofit leaders I talk to complain about communication breakdown between themselves and their team. When I ask what causes the communication problem I usually hear, “I have the plans up in my head and find it hard to […]