10 Simple Tips For Generating More Leads Via LinkedIn In 2014

As a LinkedIn group manager, I have the daily opportunity to view profiles of nonprofit leaders from all over the world. Although I’m delighted to engage with so many social entrepreneurs using this platform, there are some unwritten best-practices about using LinkedIn that I’d like to share that will help you grow your network and help spread the word about your organization’s important work more effectively.




In a recent post I wrote for Social Media 4 Good, I identify ten simple things you can do to help you LinkedIn profile stand out and attract more attention. The first 3 are listed here – click the link below for the full article.

1. Use a professional, classy picture of yourself. LinkedIn is a professional network, not Facebook. Use a classy looking picture of yourself that helps build your brand as a leader. It is ok to use an image of yourself with your family, friends, pets or participating in some activity on other platforms but not here. If you don’t have a a current, high-resolution picture uploaded yet, do that right away.

2. Use your headline as a place for a benefits statement instead of your job titleLinkedIn gives you tons of space to write up a killer one-liner; add some spice to your headline. Which do you feel is more engaging to a potential donor or colleague? Headline #1 that says “Executive Director of ABC town Community Services” or headline #2 that says “Helping at-risk youth in ABC town increase their self confidence through learning practical job skills”.

3. Make your full profile public for anyone to view. If you’re looking to make strategic connections through LinkedIn, make sure that anyone can view your complete profile any time. When someone wants to connect with me yet has blocked huge portions of their profile from the public, I am immediately skeptical about what they’re hiding and automatically decline the connection request.

Check out items #4-10 right here…


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