Walking by faith means you often don’t know where the road is going

We’ve all read stories about or watched movies about people who took tremendous leaps of faith without having all the details who made it big. On the flip side, we’ve all heard the horror stories of people who took a big risk and flunked out in an equally impressive way. How do we as leaders know for sure what our next best move is? Is there really any way to guarantee our success? Out of all the non-fiction reading I’ve done, the best answer I’ve found so far lies not in a book about assessing risk but one of the very first chapters of the Bible.

Last night I was reading the story of Noah and the ark. I’m assuming that we’ve all heard of his amazing feat of building a huge ark in preparation for the 40 day flood but what most don’t realize is that until that first drop of rain fell on the roof of that ark, no one even knew what rain was (at that point in history the earth was watered from the ground-up not sky-down). Can you imagine the faith that it would have required to be Noah? God tells him to build a huge ship in preparation for a flood when no one had ever seen rain before and they lived no where near a body of water? What could Noah have been thinking at that point?

The end of the story goes like this. Noah builds the ark, the big flood comes, the world is washed out, his family is saved, everything starts over. Because we know the story’s ending we don’t get stressed reading about the years and years that were spent constructing this vessel when all he had to go on was a promise from God. I often wonder if he ever secretly questioned whether God’s seemingly ridiculous plan was going to work. Think about your own journey for a second…what do you feel God has called you to do but you’re hesitant to make a move because you don’t have all the details yet? 

I struggle with this on a very regular basis. Sometimes I feel led in a certain direction but because it doesn’t seem to make any rational sense (to me) – I hesitate. As business leaders, we will never get all the information we need to make a perfect decision but what we do have is faith that if God has called us to a task, he will roll out the next step towards the target before us and at that point we can take our next step. Walking by faith means you often don’t know where the road is going but you have the maturity to release control over the outcome and put your trust in the One who has a great plan for your life. 

This is a tough tough pill to swallow. Walking by faith means that we act even when we don’t know where we’re going, we can’t see and we don’t have all the answers. Faith means submitting your agenda to God and trusting (knowing) that He will give the next set of directions in His perfect timing.

What does walking by faith mean to you?   How do you stay in peace when you don’t have all the info?

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