Why More and More High-Achievers Are Using Evernote (And Why You Should Too)

I was like most people who have come in contact with Evernote – apathetic. Although I had read post after post of high-achievers recommending the program as a “game-changing” productivity tool, I couldn’t understand why would I need one more tool when I was already using other apps that worked just fine to keep myself organized? After setting up an account and looking around, I was underwhelmed by the simplistic interface and apparently limited amount off bells and whistles. What was the big fuss about? I couldn’t figure it out.


After three or four rounds of closing my account just to re-open it a few weeks later after reading yet another testimonial giving it the highest praise, I made the decision to dive in and figure it out even if I died of boredom in the process. I stopped at the library and picked up the book “Evernote for Dummies” and subscribed to the Evernote blog knowing that I would need as much help as I could get learning how to use it.


Now no offense to the book (which was excellent) but after reading it I was still bored with the program. It lacked all the fancy featured that most productivity tools have and was almost too simple to get my ADD monkey-mind around. Regardless of how I felt, by faith I began to use it hoping that it would grow on me with use. Within a few short weeks of experimentation, I had all but completely abandoned all of my web-clipping apps, google drive files and post-it-note reminders and was monogamously, happily using Evernote. I had seen the light and was so excited!


For those of you who have, like me, heard all about this tool yet have held off from really getting into it, here are some of the reasons I recommend checking it out right away.

  1. All your ideas are in one-spot.

Unlike something like Dropbox (which is another awesome tool), Evernote allows you to save notes in an endless amount of formats. 

Let’s say you have a notebook titled “Spring Banquet” (as part of your Events “stack”), you could jam-pack that notebook with images of decoration ideas, bookmarked urls of menu ideas, upload an Excel spreadsheet with the list of potential guests, create task lists and upload your venue’s pdf rental agreement all in one folder. Need to find something specific? Search by keyword and it will right there in moments.


  1. It syncs across all your devices as well as having a desktop option.

Whether you’re using an Apple product or an Android, they have the app for that. After using dozens of online productivity tools, I’ve run into lots of challenges whereby the devices don’t sync properly so you never know if you’re looking at the most recent version of your notes. I’ve found Evernote to be fast and the interface easy to use on whichever device I’m using – huge plus!  It embodies form AND function – great for those of use who get cheesed off when we can’t figure out how to use one of our new apps in 2 seconds or less.


  1. It’s has a great free version.

There are lots of great productivity tools out there but usually most of the goodies are locked behind the pay-wall. Having used Evernote for a few months now, I can say that I’ve been completely satisfied using just the basic plan and haven’t been worried about maxing out my storage space too quickly or having to deal with annoying ads everywhere. The good news is that if you felt it made sense for you to upgrade, it’s only $5.00/month. It’s clean, it’s robust cheap. The perfect recipe for a busy social entrepreneur on the go!


 Do you use Evernote? What do you like most about it? Leave a comment below. 


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